When I Look Around

Hey there page of Newsweek
Are you scared at what you find
For sometimes when I see you
I wish that I was blind

But I should take a look around
There's something I must see
If I take a look around
Perhaps a change would come to be

Hey there Rolling Stone
Music ain't what it used to be
You see nobody listens
The bottom line is all they see
They should take a look around...

Hey there page of Cosmo
Your advice ain't what we need
There's a lot of people hurting
From diseases that you feed
You should....

Hey there Wall Street Journal
Help your readers get ahead
All the money in the world
Ain't no use in the end
You should...

Hey there Seventeen
When you speak to little girls
Do you send with you a message
Or just corrupt the world?
You should...

Hey there page of Playboy
With your centerfold inside
You preach empowerment and free choice
From the depths in which you hide
You should...

So hey there page of Newsweek...